We're celebrating July 4th weekend the only way we know how... with a finger up Tom Cruise's butt. Not only do we have Tom Cruise nude for you today... we have a Tom Cruise gay-adjacent scene that the world completely forgot about.

Tom Cruise's birthday is on July 3rd - one day away from July 4th. He's the star of the unofficial movie of the 4th of July - Born on the Fourth of July - it's a pretty crazy coincidence indeed. This just so happens to be the movie where a dude sticks his finger in Tom's asshole, so ya, it's a big weekend. July 4th weekend is sure to be popping off in 2023 since July 4th proper falls on a Tuesday, and what better way to get in the mood than to check out the queen of July 4th weekend naked? After all, what would a July 4th cookout be without a wiener. Or at least a finger.

If you don't think that Tom Cruise is hot, you are truly sleeping on perfection. Most people know Tom Cruise for his iconic vintage sexy roles in movies like Top Gun and Risky Business , but Tom has gone further down the nudity rabbit hole than you might have thought. In All the Right Moves we see his big manly bush and even his penis, and in American Made a DILF Tom Cruise flashes his surprisingly fat bubble butt!

But Tom Cruise's role in Born on the Fourth of July might just bring his craziest nude scene to date. We only get a peek at his ass, but it's his comrade that makes this a scene to remember. In the shot, Tom is having trouble going number 2, and a dude promises to help him out by sticking his finger in Tom's ass! The man says "It's the Fourth Of July" before sucking on his finger to lube it up for Tom's tight hole!

The Fingering Scene Du Jour

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