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Top 5 | Sunday, February 25 2024

Top Five Big Penises, Clearly Visible

This is a top five list with a twist - we’re rounding up the biggest celebrity penises that are clearly visible on screen. You can make out every inch in these clear, well-lit scenes - and there are a lot of inches to account for. This criteria eliminates some of the most famous celebrity penises - think Liam Neeson in Under Suspicion, Colin Farrell in Triage, etc - and makes way for other well-endowed heartthrobs including Tor Erik Bøe in Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual, Siddhartha Rajan in Easy, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Watchmen, and Gaspard Ulliel and Tom Mercier in their multiple gratuitous frontal roles. Today, seeing is believing.