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Watchmen (2019)

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One of the most well respected one season wonders of all time, HBO's Watchmen came out during the height of the superhero craze in 2019, but offered a far more adult take on the genre and touched on themes no Marvel flick would ever dare. Eventually taking home the Emmy for "Outstanding Limited Series," the show was based on the Alan Moore graphic novel about heroes and vigilantes on the outskirts of society. Taking place thirty-four years after the events of the graphic novel, the enormous blue god of a man Dr. Manhattan (Yahya Abdul-Mateen) has vanished entirely after the supposed smartest man in the world Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) used a giant squid to keep the USSR and USA from fighting a nuclear war. Ozy has been exiled to a far-off planet, while the late Rorschach has inspired a gang of White Supremacists who killed a bunch of cops. Now, police officers like Angela Abar (Regina King) and Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) wear masks as they try to deal with trouble in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What the racists really want is to kidnap Dr. Manhattan and use his power to take over the earth. That's the main crux of the show, but with issues like reparations, the lasting effects of the Tulsa Massacre, the militarization of the police force and more all addressed, this wasn't your typical good guys versus bad guys television show. And since it was on HBO, we got some showing! Who watches the Watchmen?' Well, we do when there are nude men to admire! Jeremy Irons sits completely nude when he types out in the buff. A lucky French maid massages his thighs as he writes. We're massaging in between our thighs just watching him! Meanwhile, beefcake Yahya Abdul-Mateen II shows his ass in a gorgeous sex scene that gets interrupted. He also serves up his massive cock both in blue and normal. Tom Mison meanwhile goes full frontal in one episode in which he's on a spinning gadget to show dick and balls. Sadly, it's a body double, but another one of our babes, Philip Labes showed legit ass while undressing in a house of mirrors. Look at that ass steaming up the looking glass! Jake McDorman and Jovan Adepo end up in bed together during an era when that was very much not cool, while James Wolk ends up in some whitey tighties while trying to steal Manhattan's powers for the white power community. Those fellas are super sexy! Nobody loves to watch men like us, so of course we loved Watchmen