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Magic City

Magic City (2012-2013)

Great Nudity!

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Miami Beach doesn’t need much help in the sexiness department—it’s full of good-looking people lounging near the ocean, half naked, buff and bronzed. But back in 2012 Starz gave South Beach a nude boost with the 1950’s-era gangster drama Magic City. Airing for two seasons, the show stars Jeffery Dean Morgan as Ike Evans, an outwardly reputable businessman who’s in deep debt to, and under the control of, ruthless mob boss Ben Diamond (Danny Huston). Ike’s business, the Miramar Playa Hotel, is much like Ike himself: a standup, luxury destination for vacationing families by day that transforms into a deprived playground for prostitutes and mobsters by night. It's 1959 and Castro just took over Cuba which has made Miami the hotspot for all the high rollers who fled the island. But while Cuba is in the midst of chaos, Ike's issue is closer to home. A Union boss was about to ruin his profit margins, so he called up Ben Diamond to take care of him. The Jewish gangster did, but now he wants a piece of the business. Ike's kind of stuck since Ben's a violent psychopath who killed a guy for him, but since Ike's son Steven (Steven Strait) is sticking it in Ben's wife (Jessica Marais), no amount of money is going to satisfy Ben once he figures out what's really going on. The dudity here is nothing short of magical, as Grey's Anatomy alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows off his amazing ass a few times, including when he's getting dressed after a sex session. The adorable Steven Strait matches him cheek for cheek when we get a great peek while Steven's plowing Ben's wife, as Ben secretly watches! That plump thing could magically turn even the straightest man! Danny Huston heats things up with the show's only frontal as he jumps into the pool totally naked. He even has a long talk about gambling with a buddy, with his cock fully out. Odds are, you'll appreciate that cock shot! Magic City will make your hand disappear down your pants!