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71 Degrees North

71 Degrees North (2010)

No Nudity


Who doesn’t like to see beautiful scenery, difficult challenges, and celebrities in misery?  All of those can be yours in 71 Degrees North, a British reality competition that ran for two seasons on ITV starting in 2010.  Ten celebrities race through the glaciers of Scandinavia in an attempt to be the first to reach the 71st parallel north.  Along the way they compete in various challenges like dog sledding, ice swimming and snow cave digging with the weakest contestant being voted off at the end of each episode, usually much to their delight.  The series only lasted two seasons, because producers couldn’t find any more celebrities crazy enough to subject themselves to the beautiful, yet brutal conditions.  What a shock! As you can imagine, racing through the frozen tundra in layers of clothing isn’t the most conducive environment for baring one’s nether regions.  Who needs icicles dangling from your twigs and berries while a reindeer pulls you around a track in a sled?  Watch it for the scenery, not the skin.