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Darren Criss' Ten Sexiest Scenes In The History Of Ever

Damn that ass...

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Now Streaming: Hollywood, Hooking Up, Mrs. America 5.6.20

Gay content? Yes, please!

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The Gay 'Hollywood' Penis-Filled Pool Scene Is Here

Can you count how many penises?

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Movie Nudity Report: Marriage Story, Honey Boy, Midway, Doctor Sleep & Love is Blind 11.1.19

Dudity alert!

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Now Streaming: After and Glee 7.18.19

Stream these dreams to cream!

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2019 Golden Globe Winners Nude

Can we give another award to these guys for their dudity? read more >>

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Darren Criss is Done Taking Queer Roles

Bad news: it sounds like he's straight.

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Here Are the Golden Globe Nominees That Have Nudity

And the Golden Globe for best ass goes to... read more >>

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Ryan Murphy Was Honored with a Hollywood Star for All His Hot Contributions to TV

He deserves a star for providing us with sexy men kissing and undressing! read more >>

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Here are GIFs from Mr. Man's Top Nude Scenes of 2018

These GIFs will get you through every Hump Day for the rest of 2018 read more >>

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Top Ten Sexiest Costumes in Time for Halloween

Ding dong, give us some men in thongs! read more >>

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Emmy Winners and Their Nudes

The stars were dressed to impressed, but we're only impressed when they take off their clothes! read more >>

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The Sexiest Emmy Nominations This Year

These are the Emmy nominations that really matter.

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Darren Criss Enjoys Being Naked on Camera

And so do we...enjoy him, we mean. Just keep taking it off, Darren!

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Top Ten Sexiest Gay TV Characters

It was hard to pick just ten because these TV hunks are seriously sexy.