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Top Ten Sexiest Celebrities in Biopics

These guys are hot, but they're even hotter as someone else! read more >>

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Anatomy of a Scene's Manatomy: 'Rocketman' Not-So-Boldly Goes Where 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Refused

This week, the Elton John biopic Rocketman embraces its lead character's sexuality in a way the... read more >>

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The Top Ten Sexiest Nude Scenes from 2020 Academy Award Nominees

And the winner is...our boner!

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COMING TO DVD and BLU-RAY: Rocketman, Ma and Dogtooth 8.5.19

Finally! Rocketman is here to launch our rocket. read more >>

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Movie Nudity Report: Rocketman, Ma, Gozilla and Domino 5.31.19

Who's hungry for man meat?

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Taron Egerton Described His Kiss with Richard Madden as 'Exciting'

Will these sexy scenes stay in the movie? read more >>

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You Won't Believe How Taron Egerton Sexily Wished Elton John Happy Birthday

Do you want to explore this Rocketman's moons? read more >>

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Top Ten Trending Celebs on Mr. Man Right Now

Stay on trend with these hunks!

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Taron Egerton Talks Upcoming Sex Scene With Richard Madden in Rocketman

Keep talking, Taron. We're listening...

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Movie Nudity Report: Creed II and Robin Hood 11.21.18

Get a Rocky Bal-Boner with Creed II!

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Did Taron Egerton Come Out?

Our fingers are crossed!

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Movie Nudity Report: Mile 22, Billionaire Boy's Club, Crazy Rich Asians 8.17.18

Movies are for hot, gorgeous men, right? Right! read more >>

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See Taron Egerton in the New Robin Hood Trailer

Oh, and Jamie Foxx!

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Man Crush Monday: Taron Egerton!

Charming Brit Taron Egerton is one of our favorite stars at the moment. Let's take a look at his... read more >>

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Taron Egerton to Play Elton John in Bio-Pic!

It was just announced that Welsh stud Taron Egerton will play the one and only Elton John in the... read more >>