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Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes From Actors Named Peter (Penis Ahead!)

If only Nick Jonas had been named Peter... read more >>

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Top Ten Sexiest Short Men Who Have Gone Nude

Short and sexy wins the race!

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COMING TO DVD & BLU-RAY: The Deuce, Higher Learning, My Dinner with Herve 2.5.19

Get a disc, grab your dick, and let's have fun with these babes. read more >>

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The Top Ten Shortest Actors Who Have Gone Nude

Short and sexy wins the race.

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Top Sex Sexiest Saturday Night Live Moments

Live from your pants, it's Saturday Night Live! read more >>

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Emmy Winners and Their Nudes

The stars were dressed to impressed, but we're only impressed when they take off their clothes! read more >>

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Happy Birthday to These Sexy Studs!

We have three hunky birthdays to celebrate today. So let's give it up for these older, sexier... read more >>

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2015 Emmy Winner's Past Nude Roles

The 67th annual Emmy's have come and gone, and with them, a parade of well-dressed, beautiful... read more >>