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Charlie De'Ath is oh so suave. When you see this dapper dude, you might feel like you're stepping into another era. He has the poise and sophistication of an old-school gentleman which is probably why he plays so many of those on TV. The London-born lad grew up with a BBC producer father, so he grew up in television and journalism. He's no stranger to cameras and scripts. That's why it's no wonder that he found himself studying theater at Arts Educational in Chiswick. He made his TV debut in 1994 in the made-for-telly movie Fatherland and the rest is history! From theater to TV and film, his is a familiar face in Britain. From there he has starred in all kinds of things like Different for Girls (1996), Emmerdale (1999) as Daniel Dean, The Last Detective (2003) as DS Pimlott, The List (2013) as Brown, The Bill (1993), Doctors (2001), Casualty (1993) as several characters and most famously as Sgt Sidney Fenton in WPC 56 (2013). He's all over the place! With all of those roles, it's a shock that we haven't gotten to see his ass much sooner than in 2015 when he appeared in The Adventures of Anais Nin, also known as The Erotic Adventures of Anais Nin. Seriously, that's the alternative title and for good reason! Anais really got busy in the bedroom. Charlie plays Hugo Parker Guiler who was the real-life wealthy banker, artist, and husband to Anais Nin who would up making experimental films with the surrealist in the 1940s. His ass is a surreal experience when he's in bed with his wife and we see his legs spread apart to show off hairy thighs and an exquisite crack. That's something to write home about!