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James McAvoy has quietly put together a nice career having acted in many successful and critically acclaimed films. Along the way he has also won over our dirty minds by putting together a growing, and impressive, Skinresume. James first showed off his Scottish goodies in the UK version of Shameless (2004). In one scene he moons another character so we get an eyeful of his ridiculously round rear. In a later scene he is interrupted while having sex so he jumps up and stumbles out of the room. He is fully nude here and we get another shot of that bubble butt.
A few years later James struck gold with The Last King of Scotland (2006). He and the film were nominated for many awards and won several. The movie is saturated with McAvoy manliness. Early on he has an athletic sex scene with a woman he meets on a bus then later he has another smoldering hot scene with the king’s wife. His grand moment comes when he strips down and gives us a great frontal view of his Scottish claymore. While Forest Whitaker plays Idi Amin in the movie, after seeing James nude we know who the real king is.

Submergence Nude - as James More
Nude, penis, balls 00:56:57 James McAvoy is pulling up his pants in the ocean. From a distance, you can spy his cock and balls! (25 secs)
Filth Nude - as Bruce Robertson
Nude, butt, balls, shirtless 00:49:10 James is completely nude and a little out of the loop. He gets up to answer the phone and shows off his butt and a peek at his backsack. Great scene! (30 secs)
Trance Nude - as Simon
Nude, butt, shirtless 01:08:21 James shows his butt and a brief shot of his penis in a darkly lit bedroom scene. (23 secs)
Becoming Jane Nude - as Tom Lefroy
Nude, butt Oh, the joy! James and Joe strip down and go for a quick swim. They shows their butts to a couple of peeping Janes. (16 secs)
The Last King of Scotland Nude - as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan
Nude, butt, penis, balls, shirtless 00:48:39 James strips down to show his junk from a distance. (1 min 26 secs)
Nude, butt, straight, shirtless 01:14:02 James shows his butt during a passionate moment of sex on the beach. (33 secs)
Shameless Nude - as Steve McBride
Nude, butt, underwear, balls, straight, shirtless Ep. 01x01 | 00:11:26 James has some rough sex in the kitchen. When he gets up to put on his pants, there's a brief shot of balls and pubes. (1 min 29 secs)

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