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Cubby (2019)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


It's really hard to try and make it as an artist, and for the talented doodler from Indiana, Mark Nabel (Mark Blane), it's even harder when you are your own worst enemy most of the time.  You see Mark is a pretty classic misanthrope who has spent the last several years living in his mom's garage and losing all of his social graces, niceties, and ability to really talk to anyone without sounding like he's been living in his fantasy world nonstop.  So what is a struggling gay man and artist to do to take his art to the next level? Well, move to New York City of course!  So Mark gets his mom to give him a ride to The Big Apple with practically no money, social or job skills, and without a place to live to try and make a go of it.  Along the way, while he's finding out about himself and his artistic talent amongst the best of the competitive art world of NYC, he takes a job as a babysitter to take care of the precocious 6 year old and only child in a wealthy family.  With the help of a 6 year old and a imaginary friend, who just happens to be a leather daddy spawned from a psychedelic cupcake, Mark might just end up being a normal enough guy in the kinkiest ways imaginable to help all those around him in one way or another!  For writer, director, and star Mark Blane, this is a semi-autobiographical story of his life and he definitely didn't shy away from showing off those fuzzy cheeks in an imaginary S&M session with Leather-Man pouring hot candle wax all over him for a directorial AND Nude-Comer debut!