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Darkroom (2019)

Brief Nudity

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The German romance Darkroom (2019) sets out to discover whether "happily ever after" is something that just happens in the movies or if it can really happen outside the movies. Lars (Bozidar Kocevski) is a male nurse in the small town of Saarbrücken who has been unlucky in love for so long, he's begun to think it might never happen for him. Then he meets Roland (Heiner Bomhard), the proverbial man of his dreams, and Lars decides to start his life over again in Berlin with Roland. They get a fixer-upper apartment together, turning into the home of their dreams, and looking as though they're on the verge of living happily ever after. Then Lars' addiction issues, which he had once put behind him, rear their ugly head again thanks to the nightlife of Berlin, whose appeal Lars seems powerless to resist. Sneaking out behind Roland's back soon becomes an almost nightly occurrence for Lars, which naturally leads to trust issues between the two. Lars must now confront whether he's truly unlucky in love or if he actually has a death wish that seems to be fueling this perpetual cycle in which he is stuck. We know this doesn't exactly sound like a fun time at the movies, but you're not going to want to miss all the hot gay action in this flick! Neither Bozidar Kocevski or Heiner Bomhard get nude themselves, but they are shirtless and bulging out in their undies several times! There's also plenty of sexy shirtless party boys like Bardo Böhlefeld, Lucas Rennebach, Henry Morales, and Michael N. Kuehl, but it's Pierre Emö who delivers the film's only nude scene when he shows off his butt and backsac while lying on the floor of a bathroom! We'd join these boys in the Darkroom any day of the week!