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Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


You have found the love of your life and have decided to get married. You and your fiancée decide to have a romantic destination wedding. Everything is in place and will be perfect. What could go wrong? Destination Wedding (2015) answers that question. When the happy couple invites some of their college friends to their wedding and they end drinking so much they get crazy, everything that could go wrong does and the perfect wedding quickly becomes quite a spectacle.

J.R. Ramirez is lying on a bed in just a thong when Nick P. Ross sneaks in and pretends to be his girlfriend. As the entire wedding party watches, Nick rubs J.R. down then he stands up and pees on him. It is played for laughs, but there is nothing funny about how great J.R.’s ass looks in that thong. When the lights come on we get a quick glimpse of Nick’s butt and J.R.’s bulge as he covers up. J.R.’s hot body is a wedding gift we won’t soon forget!