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The Prince

The Prince (2020)

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If you want some of the raunchiest and most sexually explicit content that you will ever see on screen, then, sadly, you'll need to look elsewhere. Sorry. The Prince just isn't going to do it for you. Kidding! We see a lot here at Mr. Man in the way of nude men, but even we are still wrapping our heads around everything that goes down in this erotic Chilean prison drama. The movie follows a man named Jaime, aka The Prince, played by the super cute Juan Carlos Maldonado. He goes to prison after getting into a violent altercation with his best friend, and while in prison he gets a lesson on loyalty and loving from The Stallion, played by Alfredo Castro. The Stallion helps not only provide Jaime protection in prison, but also explore the deepest recesses of Jaime's sexual identity. The Prince is an erotic thriller through and through, and doesn't skip a beat(off) when it comes to delivering sensual moments. Take, for example, the scene in which Juan Carlos Maldonado and his three friends strip completely nude, splash around in a muddy pond, and then slowly roll around side to side in the dirt - with their penises and balls fully visible! Then there's the super cute Cesare Serra. He shows his hard cock and big bush while having straight sex in the woods. There's truly no shortage of super sexy content here so, frankly, stop reading this immediately and get to checking out the amazing scenes. After seeing The Prince, you'll need a rinse!