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El Cid

El Cid (2020-2021)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Created by: José Velasco, Luis Arranz
  • Rated: TV-14
  • Network: Amazon
  • Country: Spain
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El Cid (2020) is a Spanish historical drama that dramatizes the life of the medieval war hero Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar who was a Castilian warrior who fought for the Spanish crown against the invasion of the Moorish empire. With his help, Spain was able to get its empire back from the North African invaders. That being said, there are a lot of hot Spanish guys to ogle in this series that takes us through a journey of history and some salacious dramatizations of that history. Jaime Lorente is the main man wielding the sword and you might be inspired to handle your own sword after you see him get down to hardly anything at all. El Cid himself shows off his shirtless chest and firm abs as well as his impressive package. Speaking of shirtless warriors, Pablo Alvarez is shirtless as he trains with a sword. Now enough about the shirtless guys. Let's take a look at some dudes who are choosing not to wear any pants! Spanish zaddy Jose Luis Garcia Perez is made to disrobe in a church as a priest and an entire congregation gets an eyeful of his ass. The real looker on the show is Jaime Olias who plays Alfonso VI. He shows off his historically sexy abs when he takes everything off and shows us his cut cum gutters. Ay dios mio, what a man! Then he dips himself into a bathtub to show the camera his royal seat meat. If only we could taste that bathwater.