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Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please (2019-2022)

Brief Nudity

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Four More Shots Please (2019) is an Indian twist on the four-female-friends-dealing-with-love-and-life in these crazy times trope, and we simply can't get enough! We're all the way India-in! Picture the girls of Sex and the City going about their lives in modern-day India - complete with the many sexy men they encounter along the way! Yes, there are a lot of sexy Indian men to enjoy here! Milind Soman kicks things off in episode one by filling the living daylights out of a pair of extremely tight white boxer briefs. He is simply the man of our dreams with his salt-n-pepper-headed zaddy good looks. Yum-bai!

Milind continues to show off his mature bod throughout the series, but is almost bested eight episodes into season one when Ankur Rathee's bulge makes an appearance in another pair of tight white boxer briefs. Or the same pair perhaps? We don't know the Four More Shots Please wardrobe budget!

Things seem to get beefier as the show progresses, with Prateik Babbar closing out the shirtless scenes in season one and the painfully gorgeous Yalin Teke opening season two. Just like he opens up a lucky lady. Heyo! Also in Four More Shots, Aamir Singh gets shirtless in a security camera makeout sesh and Saahil Sehgal bares that bod in the boudoir for his wild, bed-rocking sex scenes. He seduces the woman dreaming of him and he leaves us wanting more. We're so glad that these dreamy Indian men are getting the exposure that they deserve, and we hope to see much more of them in the future. They're Taj Mahal that and a bag of chips!