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Mismatched (2020)

No Nudity


Mismatched (2020) is a romantic comedy about two people who do not seem like a perfect match on paper. One of them is a tech wizard, a woman who knows so much about computers that it is intimidating. The other is a guy who falls for her, but he's hardly an IT nerd. Dimple is our computer science student and Rishi is the cool college boy who falls for her. He's a cool suave guy and she is sort of a stereotype of a nerdy girl who wears glasses. He is looking for his future wife and his parents are helping him find his match. He thinks that she might be his match, but she prefers to work on her computer programming career than waste time finding love. Can these two city dwellers who come from different backgrounds and have different interests ever come together? You will have to watch to find out. Rishi is super hot, but sadly we never see him nude. That sucks, but three hot Indian men go shirtless in the movie. Those guys seem like a match for Mr. Man! Check out Taaruk Raina who plays Anmol, a dude that is shirtless while wearing his bathing suit. Ravin Mak is shirtless, too, and if you need more sexy brown abs to admire when you will love it when Abhinav Sharma disarms us as Krish Katyal. He shows us his totally worked-out biceps and shoulders when he embraces a woman for a straight scene that will leave you gagged.