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Guest House

Guest House (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Guest House (2020) follows a recently engaged couple who think that they have found the house of their dreams, but the previous owner has a guest house and allowed their friend to squat there. Their friend is still living in the guest house which causes tension between the happy couple and the dude and his friends. This is a comedy starring hot guys that will please your thighs. Do you want to see classic comedians get wild in this movie? Then you're in love. Pauly Shore of all people plays gay when he plays the character Randy Cockfield. He'll give your cock a field day when you see him smooch Mike Castle. Mr. Cockfield, are you trying to seduce us? He can claim squatter's right on our face anytime. He's not the only hot dude with a suggestive scene that is meant to seduce the viewer. Lou Ferrigno Jr. plays Kip Werner who gives us a bit of nip when he's shirtless. Lou's chest and tummy will make you drool. The sexiest guy of all, however, is the one and only funny fox Bobby Lee. The MadTV alumn plays the booty-ful Benny who sits naked on a sex swing. He looks bored out of his mind as he watches his friend stretch and dance. He gets up to leave and shows us his beautiful little booty. We'd love to stay in a Guest House with these guys as guests. Honey, if these are the guests then we'll stay there indefinitely!