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Spanish actor Gustavo Rojo shares the same name as a very famous Uruguayan actor who passed away in 2017. This is not the same Gustavo. This Gustavo is a gorgeous Spaniard who has put his beautiful talents to the test in live theater, television, and film. This total hunk began his career in 2013 when he had a role in the series Cuentame as Tito. From there he has most famously starred in Guillermo on the Roof (2018), Servir y proteger (2018), Apaches (2017), and Mario, Kike, y David (2016). He is a rising star who makes pants rise, so it's appropriate that this handsome little diablo would take on the role of Tyrone Power in the 2018 film Sonja: The White Swan. Tyrone Power was one of the major hotties of old Hollywood. Tyrone was a bisexual actor and mainstream heartthrob who discreetly had affairs with fellow actors like Cesar Romero in old-time Hollywood when tabloids and studio systems ruled the land. Gustavo does Tyrone justice by showing tush when he beds Sonja. He keeps his shirt on during this love affair, but Gustavo-as-Tyron gives her powerful thrusts with that butt of his. Those thrusting buns are buns we can trust! This is all we see of Gustavo for now, but we're confident this isn't the last of his ass we'll see. Hel looks too good to keep it all hidden. Rojo means red and you'll see rojo in the best way when you watch Gustavo in the flesh.