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In the Basement (2014)

Brief Nudity


(0:43)  Buns on Gerald Duchek as he vacuums his house naked.

(0:47) We see Gerald Duchek's buns again as he gives oral.

(0:49) Buns on GUY as he attends to Cora Kitty in stirrups

(0:53)  Penis on Gerald Duchek as his "mistress" now inspects it and puts a clamp on his balls. Buns in the kitchen as he swings what is hanging from his package.

(0:59)  More buns on Gerald Duchek as he in on all fours on the bed and then led into the basement.

(1:12)  MARCEL has his penis sticking out of his pants.

(1:17) Gerald Duchek having his penis pulled by a device as he lays on his back.


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