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Sometimes you need an actor and sometimes you need a certified cocksman for a part like Ivan Rueda plays in the 2018 erotic thriller/drama M/M.  The movie follows a young Canadian man, Matthew (Antoine Lahaie), who moves to Berlin to start a new life and stumbles into a relationship with Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher), who he desperately wants to be like in every way.  So he starts dressing like him, cutting his hair like him, and eventually sleeping with him.  Once Matthias gets into a motorcycle crash and ends up in a coma, Matthew seizes the opportunity to BECOME Matthias, taking over his entire life.  Well part of that life is hooking up with strangers in public restrooms, so enter Ivan Rueda, who shows us his juicy cock moments before Matthew drops down to suck it in the bathroom.  The interesting thing about Ivan though is that is actually his business, as he makes his living primarily in the porn business in his native Germany.  He's headlined fuck features like Auditions 37: Balls to the Wall (2010), Auditions 38: Sluts (2011), and the classic Fuck Attack (2014).  All of which are of course much more hardcore fare than the thriller M/M (2018), but like we said earlier, sometimes you can't send an actor into a gig that belongs to a pornstar and this hunky shaved head hottie seems to have no qualms about whipping out that purple headed and cock-ring sporting package of his in a public restroom.  Shit, to Ivan, that's probably just a normal Tuesday!