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M/M (2018)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


M/M...  This indie flick parachutes you into modern day Berlin with Matthew (Antoine Lahaie), who is a Canadian cutie who just moved to the big bad city and is looking to make a fresh start away from the great white north.  You can almost feel the isolation he feels being a stranger in a strange land, that is until he meets the charming and shockingly charismatic Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher).  The two share an immediate connection and Matthew doesn't just begin to fall madly in love with Matthias, he begins to go a little crazy about the whole situation.  Very Single White Female (1992) vibes from Matthew when he begins to dress like Matthias, then cut his hair like him, then begins to embody the object of his desire in every way, shape, and form.  When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident and winds up in a coma in the hospital, the opportunity is just too perfect for Matthew...  He simply becomes Matthias and takes over his identity.  What a better way to start a new than to actually become someone new!  This movie delves into the dark side of Berlin, but it also has some insanely white hot and bright nude scenes from both the male leads Antoine Lahaie and Nicolas Maxim Endlicher, both of whom go fully monty on multiple occasions.  We also get a tasty full frontal cock shot of the well hung Ivan Rueda as well.  No shortage of bubble butts, big cocks, and identity swaps in this thriller from 2018!