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When an actor goes by just one name, it's because they are filled with confidence. Java is confident, sexy, and everything that his only one name contains. The French actor Java wasn't in that many movies, but he did work in the controversial art-house film Un Chant d'Amour. This 1950 film was the only one ever made from the prolific French writer Jean Genet and it is noteworthy for being a sexy, black-and-white exploration of human intimacy and homosexuality. It did that so well that it was banned - from France. That's quite a feat! Java has a really hot role as a prisoner who is yearning for the touch of another man. Who isn't? He dreams and fantasizes about starting a relationship with the guy in the cell next to him all while a voyeuristic guard watches them in real life and intercepts their attempt to connect. The film ends violently, but not without watching Java get fully naked in his cell in a black-and-white scene that shows how beautiful his buns are. They touch each other all over and even give oral which shows us great views of heads going in and out of crotches and of buns clenching with pleasure. You will feel the pleasure, too, when you see them touch each other and swap passionate kisses. Is loving this movie illegal because we are guilty as discharged! The whole film is hot, but one-worded hottie Java will make you perk up! 


Un Chant D'Amour (1950) - as Nude Prisoner / Hand swinging the blossom (uncredited)

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