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Madame Claude

Madame Claude (2021)

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Is there any other time in history more chic that 1960's Paris?  Well for the titular Madame Claude (Karole Rocher), she trades in more than just flesh, she trades in secrets.  As she became the proprietor of the best known bordello in the City of Light, she began to acquire a client list of not only the powerful and rich, but also the wildly famous!  She's no stranger to keeping secrets in between the walls of her establishment, but she's also no stranger to using the deepest and darkest info she has filed away to insulate herself from any trouble that may come her way.  After decades of knowing more about the most powerful men in the world than even their own wives know, she begins to realize that her ability to stay untouchable might be coming to an end when the political, criminal, entertainment, and any other clientele that she's worked with in the past want her gone!  Is her empire crumbling before her very eyes and can she dip back into lessons from her past to save herself, her vivacious list of sex workers, and also keep the right people happy along the way?  Tune into Netflix's new movie to find out!  Also, tune in to see a bevy of sexy boy toys showing more skin than you can shake your "oui, oui" at in this one, including Tony Martone, Jeannick Gravelines, and Xavier Alcan all getting naked.  Also, we get some sexy screen time from Paul Hamy and Paul Manniez as well.