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Manson's Lost Girls (2016)

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Manson's Lost Girls (2015) is another take on the deadly Charles Manson's murders and his sex/drugs/love cave out in Cali. This time, the story follows Linda Kasabian when she's picked up by another woman and taken back to Charlie's compound/cult/ranch to live as a part of his "family." Manson (played by Jeff Ward) is charismatic and seductive, so it's not long before all the women in his clan are sleeping with him, giving us more than a couple looks at his taut torso. Everything is peachy enough until he decides to take Helter Skelter, the race war he's anticipating, into his own hands and has his clan kill off a bunch of people. Linda, who arrived with her baby, manages to escape and testifies against him in court. We're all for orgies, but the murder is a little much, don't you think?



Jeff Ward

Sexy - as Charlie Manson

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