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Mark Walberg is so hot, isn't he? No, not that one. We're talking about Mark L. Walberg. This other Walberg is the real Walberg as far we're concerned. Check out the South Carolina native who is an actor and producer as well as a family man. You probably recognize him because he briefly hosted his very own talk show called Buried History with Mark L. Walberg (2015) because he's a charismatic natural in front of the camera. He has also hosted Antiques Roadshow (2002) as well as Son of the Beach (2002). When he wasn't playing himself, he was acting in Hang Time (1997), In the Blink of an Eye (2005), The Mansion (2004) and Make Me a Millionaire (2009) just to name a few. He acts in Sneakerheads in which his shirtless scene has us wanting to get down to sneaker-level and give him head. Oh, is that too much? Sorry not sorry! You will love checking out his gray chest fuzz as this super zaddy answers the door shirtless. Some younger folks that he answers the door for cannot believe their luck at having been greeted by this hunk. We are amazed by his chiseled body. He's an older man, but he clearly works on his body! He's holding a juice and appears to have been in the middle of a workout. Woof, that chest is giving our eyes a workout. That L. in his name must stand for Lust because we are lusting over Mark L. Walberg.