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Millennials (2018-2019)

Brief Nudity


Millennials is a 2018 Argentinian series about a group of Millennials navigating this crazy thing we call adulthood. #Adulting! The three male leads  - Benjamín, Rodrigo, and Juan Manuel (played by Nicolás RieraMatías Mayer, and Juan Manuel Guilera respectively) - share a coworking space and develop a meal delivery app that puts them on the map. But we know that the road to stardom in the tech industry has its share of ups and downs, and we have front row seats to the trials and tribulations of the boys' very Millennial work lives. WeWork? More like WeJerk! Millennials might not be the cool kids in town anymore with the newer and hipper Gen-Zers taking over, but the wealth of knowledge they bring to the party is undeniable, which is why shows like this are so important. Who else besides Millennials is going to get a minimalist wrist tattoo? Say "extra"? Post pictures of succulents on Instagram? Use hashtags? Wear skinny jeans? Pursue a career in writing? No one, that's who. But we digress. All of this Millennial magic and more await you in the series Millennials. And by "more", we of course mean hot nudity! Everyone knows that Millennials love to get naked for gratuitous sex scenes, and these boys don't disappoint. In a shocking MANtage, all three male leads get super nasty with their lady friends, giving us some awesome ass shots. Plus uber cutie Nicolás Riera gives us a look at his smooth ass during a fantasy sex sequence as well as while standing buck nude in the bedroom. Those cheeks are on fleek!