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Rap Battlefield

Rap Battlefield (2021-2023)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Rap Battlefield is an exciting HBO Max series about the contemporary art of freestyle rapping. Forget 8 Mile, this is 8 Inches! Kidding, there sadly is no cock in Rap Battlefield, but there is a surprisingly sexy scene that's sure to have you spitting more than just sick bars. The Argentinian series - which is called Días de gallos in Spanish - is about a wayward young man who has big dreams of becoming a famous rap superstar. After his personal life goes south, this young cutie, named León (and played by the deliciously cute star Ecko) comes across the underground world of freestyle rapping. It's the wild wild west of the music world, and León loves every second of it! Rafaela is a childhood friend and single mother who also gets into the groove of freestyle rapping. Everyone's doing it! And speaking of doing it, we have a pretty dang hot sex scene to get to. Ecko gets nasty with Rafaela (played by the actress Ángela Torres) in the bedroom. She strips off his shirt to reveal his smooth body and sexy arm tattoos. Then things go further, and when Ecko takes off his pants, we get to see his sweet and smooth ass cheeks! No Brazilian butt lift needed here folks! Ecko's huge and firm (yet supple) butt is the stuff of Mr. Man legend, and we can't wait to see what this show has up its sleeves in future episodes. Gimme dat ass, it gets a pass, fuck it's world class, cum is in the forecast. Did we win!?