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More Scenes from a Gay Marriage

More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014)

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In the sequel to the 2012 romantic comedy Scenes from a Gay Marriage, the homosexual hijinks are back in More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014). Picking up two years after the events of the first flick, SFAGM follows cute couple Darren and Joe (Matt Riddlehoover and Jared Allman) as they deal with the fall out following the release of a gay-themed film documenting how they met and fell in love. The film forces Darren and Joe to reevaluate their relationship, which ultimate ends in a break up. Bummer, dudes. Real bummer. While on the outs, the guys ponder the finality of their separation while playing the field. Lucky for us, the hunky guys of this film aren’t afraid to show some skin. Besides receiving a full frontal from Jared Allman, Rodiney Santiago shows off his fitness model physique poured into a skimpy pair of underwear. Add some shirtless action from James Foglesong and a passionate smooch between Matt Riddlehoover and Jared Allman, and you’ll be screaming for another sequel!