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Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries (2019-2021)

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Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries (2019) is a series from Australia that takes place in the city of Melbourne in the 1960s where a free-spirited young woman named Peregrine Fisher finds that her fun and carefree life gets all shook up once her very famous aunt goes missing after visiting the New Guinea highlands. Peregrine was actually not very close to her aunt, but she is definitely curious. She finds herself compelled to take up the case and figure out what actually happened to her aunt. Peregrine takes up the cause and puts it all on herself to solve the mystery of her missing aunt. In the process of solving this mystery, she winds up learning a lot more about her aunt's life and realizes that there was so much more to her than she ever thought. Since she is solving this mystery, she winds up solving a couple of others along the way in this groovy little series. Forget her for a moment - we want to check out the hot men in the series. Joel Jackson is HAWT when he plays Detective James Steed. Honey, if he is solving the mystery of where his shirt went we hope that he never finds ANY clues because he looks amazing without his clothes on. He is tanned and chiseled from head to six-pack abs. He is walked through the water so we get to check out his Herculean figure dripping wet in the daylight. Can we get a magnifying glass to see him up-close and personal?