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Omri Laron is an insanely studly Israeli hottie and we're so glad that he decided to show off his body! When it comes to Omri it's really all about the insanely sexy blonde scruff and full head of super cute light-hued locks. But then you get below the neck and it's like... whoa. Somehow things get even hotter! Omri has a beefy toned bod covered in some of the most delish body hair we've ever seen. He's not quite a cub but he's definitely a part of the animal kingdom! Omri got his start in 2018's Rubber Dolphin. This is a super erotic gay short that has the distinction of bringing Omri's ass to the silver screen! He has a highly hot gay love scene with Chen Hefetz. The entire short takes place in a small apartment, and as a viewer you really feel like you're there getting felt up in the cramped confines of city living! Seeing Omri's ass here only makes us want to see even more of what lies beneath, and we hope that he decided to go frontal pronto. Ormi's career kicked into high gear in 2020 with The Israeli Boys. Here he again dares to get gay on camera, although nothing he does is going to rival the hotness of his gay sex scene with Chen. Unless, of course - not to harp on this tily detail too much - he shows peen. Which, frankly, in all honestly, would be A-okay with us! Omri can part our Red Sea any day!