Patrick Schwarzenegger is a twenty-six-year-old model/actor and just so happens to be the son of the glutes-out Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While Patrick is no stranger to flaunting his body on Instagram and in his movies, his latest Insta thirst trap reveals a bod that is just plain too perfect for me not to post about. One could say that he popped off. 


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Schwarzenegger flaunts an impossibly tight torso with breathtaking nips and defined arms, and he happens to sport some damn nicely distributed bawdy hair as well. It's what we call the full package people. Look it up. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger first stripped down on screen in the aptly named 2016 movie Prettyface. Then two years later in Midnight Sun he bulged out in the ocean while wearing grey boxer briefs. And in 2019 Patrick Schwarzenegger finally went nude on screen when he let his big hot butt hang out from under his shirt in Daniel Isn't Real!