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Keywords: No Nudity, White, Black Hair

Birthplace: Laveno Mombello, Varese, Lombardy, IT

Date of Birth: 07/14/40

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This is one spicy meatball coming your way out of the Boot of the Mediterranean, Renato Pozzetto.  The sexy stud was born in Milan, Italy in 1940, and got his start in the world of comedy, which is still where he is probably most recognized in his native country.  He was half of the iconic Italian comedy duo Cochi e Renato, alongside Cochi Ponzoni which they formed in Milan in the early 1970s.  Both of the comedians cut their teeth in the world of comedic TV first with shows like Quelli della domenica and Il poeta e il contadino.  Just like in the states though, some of the bigger directors in Italy took notice of the comedians natural acting ability, and he was able to break into the world of dramatic acting.  His first feature was actually in the 1974 flick To Love Ophelia aka Per amare Ofelia.  After that his career hit the ground running, using his trademark comedy and adorable awkward expressions to win over audiences all over Italy.  He comes our way in the World War One comedic drama Porca Vacca (1982), where he plays a parody of himself, more or less, as an actor/comedian desperate to avoid conscription in the Italian army, so he does everything from wearing a dress, to faking injuries, to pretending to be crazy to avoid getting sent to the front.  When he shows up at the draft board in a dress, he is led along a line of naked young men, taking their physicals, and it might be the single most amount of pepperoni all in one scene in the history of films... It's like a butcher shop when Renato goes walking by!