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Success (2019)

No Nudity

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Success (2019) is a story of success in its own right because this story won out in a Croatian contest to make a show among 447 applicants in the HBO Adria First Draft 2017 competition. It deserved to win because this show is a fascinating crime drama that takes place after a violent crime that winds up accidentally bringing strangers together. The story follows four strangers who are now forever bound by one tragic event that brings them together. We're brought together by the hot Eastern European men here. Do you like the way "hot Eastern European men" sounds when you read it? So do we! That's why we loved watching this show. Take Uliks Fehmu, for example, who plays Haris and goes shirtless as he stares as his chest in the mirror. We're staring, too. Hubba Hubba. Save some energy for Pavle Matusko who is a totally fit guy who looks amazing in his briefs. Check out his bulge and athletic thighs when he walks around while talking on the phone. If you want something a little more salacious, then you'll love Filip Mayer who starts off shirtless as he flirts with the show's leading lady. They start making out and then her dad comes home. Whoops! She grabs his hand and drags him off to her room to hide. When he stands, we see that he's naked. He covers his crotch with one hand, but he can't cover that perfect peach of his. We'd call these nude dudes a Success!