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The Best Gay Scenes of 2022

Shantay, you gay! 2022 was one of the gayest years for movie and television nudity, with some of the year's splashiest A-list roles calling for hardcore anal. We know it sounds too good to be true, but just take the celeb of 2022, Harry Styles, in My Policeman for example. Harry put his money where his mouth is this year by filming a sensual and realistic gay sex scene opposite David Dawson in the explosive gay romance My Policeman. One Direction? More like Two Erections! Billy Eichner dared to include a gay foursome in his groundbreaking mainstream gay romantic comedy Bros. It's the box office bomb dot com! This year the legendary stripper series P-Valley really leaned into the gay storylines, and includes this blowjob complete with a really big dick! Brett Geddes shrunk down to crawl inside his gay lover's urethra on the gross-out superhero satire series The Boys, the fellas of Fire Island had a little naughty fun at a gay sex club, Holy Family delivered an ass eating scene so realistic that we're calling it unsimulated (if there's spit you must acquit!), and Manu Rios continued his gay sex domination with more unbelievable prep school hotness in Elite. Plus openly gay A-listers Murray Bartlett topped Andrew Rannells during a super hardcore sex scene in Welcome To Chippendales, and blonde British hunk Leo Woodall showed us all but his wood during a shocking sex scene in The White Lotus. 2022 wasn't afraid to go there, and by go there, we mean have Leo Woodall top his "uncle" in front of Jennifer Coolidge. What a year!

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