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The Dreamed Path

The Dreamed Path (2017)

Brief Nudity

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Der Traumhafte Weg (2016), or The Dreamed Path, is a German film about the things that separate us and the things that ultimately drive us back together. The film opens in 1984 on young German couple Kenneth (Thorbjörn Björnsson) and Theres (Miriam Jakob) enjoying their time together away from their cares back home. However, home eventually comes calling as Kenneth is informed that his mother has been in a terrible accident. Acting before he can think things through, he abandons Theres in Greece to return home suddenly and take care of his mother. Thirty years later, we're introduced to a completely separate middle aged couple living in Berlin. Ariane (Maren Eggert) is a successful television actress married to an anthropologist named David (Phil Hayes), when she suddenly gets the urge to abandon her husband and their child to move into a small apartment near a train station. These two seemingly unrelated couples, spread across both time and space, are on a collision course with destiny, and will soon cross paths in the most unexpected of ways. Although, now that you know they're going to cross, it's probably won't be all that unexpected when it happens. It's a rhetorical flourish, though, and hopefully you'll excuse them under the circumstances. See, we're all flustered because just eleven minutes into this flick, the fabulously furry Thorbjörn Björnsson gets completely naked to climb into bed! We briefly see his ass, followed by his dick and balls, as he nestles under the covers before being joined by his co-star! We dreamed that he beat a path to our bedroom!