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The Time Traveler's Wife (2022)

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The HBO Max series The Time Traveler's Wife (2022) is based on the bestselling 2003 novel of the same name, and the nudity is a real page-turner! Divergent star Theo James stars as Henry DeTamble - a Chicago librarian with a genetic disorder that makes him spontaneously time travel. As you can imagine, this makes relationships difficult! But Henry falls head over heels for an artist named Claire Abshire, played by Game Of Thrones' Rose Leslie, leading to an unlikely romance that defies time itself. This might not sound like the makings of a Mr. Man classic, but there's more nudity in The Time Traveler's Wife than we have time for! In fact Theo James gets naked not once, not twice, but five times in the series' premiere episode. We see his ass...a lot. He lands - through time? - on the L tracks in Chicago and he is butt-naked. Check out his booty before he squats down and grabs clothes from another guy. That is far from all because, again, if you can believe it, we see his ass a whopping five times in the first episode. But Theo James isn't one and bun. He also gets nekked in episode two and beyond!

The Theo James nudity highlight came in episode six, when he bucked his trend of only showing ass by finally going frontal for the first time ever. As James plops to Earth fully naked, we can clearly make out his penis and balls in not one, but two different frontal scenes. James doesn't just have a giant peach!

With all of this nudity in The Time Traveler's Wife, it might be hard to believe that one of the show's sexiest scenes is actually non-nude. Hear us out! Brian Altemus plays young Henry DeTamble, who goes back in time to give himself a blowjob. Yup. What a little Seiko! It's a viral scene that gives the term "self-love" a whole new meaning. We would travel through time to watch that blowjob and see Theo James' penis again and again!