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Those People (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


We must say we love Those People (2015). It's a film about the young uppercrust in modern day Manhattan. On the affluent and free Upper East Side, a young gay painter, Charlie played by Jonathan Gordon, is caught in a steamy love triangle between his childhood best friend Sebastien played by Jason Ralph and an older pianist named Tim played by hunky Haaz Sleiman

Not only is the plot of this movie just one large dramatic fantasy that has us feeling wet in the nethers, but it's full of plenty of skin and sexy scenes. In one sultry scene we love Haaz and Jonathan profess their love for each other while they are in the shower, shirtless and stunning. We love them, too! Their love making makes us horny and is a must watch in this movie! As is the "almost threesome" that happens between Jonathan, Jason, and their friend Max Jenkins that is a tantalizing tease. This movie is full of eye candy and luckily we're very hungry for Those People


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