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Timothy Di Pri

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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Brown Hair

Birthplace: Linwood, New Jersey, US

Date of Birth: 04/05/68

Real Name: Timothy A. Diprizito


American actor and model Timothy Di Pri is best known for playing Theo in the erotica classic Emmanuelle in Space series, as well as professor Paul Robson in The Adventures of Justine. Whether participating in a group orgy or gyrating his hips into a gorgeous babe pushed up against a wall, Mr. Di Pri has a delectable di penis, chisled chest and butt, and thankfully he has an affinity for showing it all off! Oh, and his thick toned thighs are just too titillating to miss. His other lusty, skinfull roles include Love Street (1994), and Dream Master: The Erotic Invader (1996). Hey, Timothy! Your gland of glee is welcome to invade our dreams any time it likes!