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Top 5 | Tuesday, February 20 2024

Top Five: Jacob Elordi And Clothed Guys Surrounded By Penises

We have you surrounded! By cock. The men in this top five don’t have to go far to find the D. We found five actors who appear in scenes in which they are completely surrounded by naked men exposing their penises! Ah, the life! The fellas at the center of these penis storms keep themselves covered - simply feasting their eyes on the sausage smorgasbord surrounding them. Luke de Lacey checks out Kieran O'Brien’s big penis in Virtual Sexuality, Jim Parsons takes in a bunch of big dicks at a gay pool party in Hollywood, Justice Smith comes face to face with a classmate’s penis in Genera+ion, Hal Sparks peeps some peen in Queer As Folk, and Jacob Elordi confronts twenty-one (yes, we counted!) high school penises in his iconic Euphoria locker room scene!