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Wrong Side of the Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022-2023)

Great Nudity!


Wrong Side of the Tracks (2021) is a Spanish series filled with action and adventure. A former war veteran who is disgruntled with the justice system goes on a rampage when his teenage granddaughter is a victim of violence brought on to her by local drug dealers whose turf is in his neighborhood. This man will make you regret you ever crossed the train tracks! It might shock you to hear that there is nudity in this action-packed, masculine, fight fest - but there is. Hooray! Felipe Londoño plays Nelson who has three scenes where he shows his ass. He is a very steamy hunk with his olive-toned skin and his fit physique. Felipe shows off his shirtless chest and his bulge when he wakes up (on a train?) in his undies. We choo choo choose him and his skintastic bod. He takes off all of his clothes and he runs into the ocean with a lucky lady. This man has one strapping piece of seat meat! Luis Zahera plays Ezequel who is taken out of the backseat of a van when he is totally naked. He clutches his cock and balls so that we can't see them, but we do end up seeing his dick!