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This hunky and igniting Israeli renaissance man can do just about everything on a film set.  Yariv Mozer comes our way out of Tel Aviv, Israel and get his start as a producer, writer, and director of documentary and short subject films back in 2003.  Along the way, he also has worked as a cinematographer and actor as well and it should come as no surprise that with a mug like his, he worked his way around to the other side of the camera!  Yariv's first feature length directorial, producing, and writing project came about in 2013's Snails in the Rain.  It's about a young Israeli linguistics student who begins to get love letters from an unknown man and it seemingly throws his entire life into upheaval, including his sexual identity.  Yariv didn't pull any punches with the sexiness in his first feature flick, giving us at least 4 nude scenes, along with a string of other sexiness along the way from every major male cast member.  He also didn't shy away from putting himself in a compromising sexy situation, as he plays a professor who hires a male escort (Yaron Biton) to play a little game of "let's find the prostate" in a hotel room, as he gets bent over in bed and banged by the gorgeous guy for a few shekels.  Hopefully Yariv keeps casting himself in his projects because we'd absolutely adore us some fuzzy daddy types with all the talent in the world!  We hold a special place in our spank bank for Jewish gents like Yariv!