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Snails in the Rain

Snails in the Rain (2013)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Snails in the Rain (2013) is a sexy Israeli film that gives us gay life and coming-of-age sensuality with full-grown hot men. It gives us light! Yariv Mozer directs this movie that takes place in 1989 Tel Aviv. Boaz is a beautiful language student who starts to get anonymous love letters from a man professing his secret desires to him. The letters have him questioning his life and the relationship he has with his girlfriend. He starts questioning his sexual identity and wondering who this mystery man really is. Yoav Reuveni is our leading man. As Boaz, he becomes the boy of our dreams when we see him shirtless and hot. He has straight sex with his girlfriend, showing his ass. He also reads one of these love letters in the nude which feels pretty telling. Honey, if you're already naked when you read your seductive love letter from a guy who makes you question your sexuality, then you've already answered your questions. We see his cock when he takes a shower with equally sexy Yehuda Nahari Halevi. Spoiler alert: those two also make out! Before that happens, Yehuda jacks off in a group of other guys. We see his buttcrack as he wildly goes for it in front of a bunch of dudes encouraging him to cum. Again, what are these guys questioning? For more hot men, look no further than Yarin Biton and Yariv Mozer banging each other. Finally, check out the abs on shirtless Eyal Kentov. Follow his snail trail all the way down!