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In his modeling days, Yuri Antonosante was once hired to dress as a priest for a photo shoot. The shoot turned out to be for a calendar marketed and sold as showing off the hottest, real Italian priests. Even Buzzfeed got fooled and had to issue a correction on their website after showing off the sexiest examples, back in 2013. In fairness to the photog, who could blame him? When the choices are a crotchety old man of the cloth or the crotch-tastic Antonosante, the choice is obvious. Already a master of make believe, Yuri got his start in the short film L'accordo sbagliato (2004), before turning to movies like Ex (2009), Just Married (2010) and even joining Kristen Bell in the Italian set rom-com, When in Rome (2010). If we were in Rome, we'd give Yuri dome! It's fitting that he would play a priest again in the Italian erotic horror film Hyde’s Secret Nightmare (2012). In the film, we get a great look at the pastor’s blaster as a woman dismounts from off of him, leaving a condom half-on his huge hard-on. With Yuri’s hands tied, his co-star returns with a butcher’s knife and goes straight for the man-meat, giving us an exceptional look at the furry Yuri. And furry he is, this hairy beast has a menacing mound of dark black netherhair, just above his piping hot spaghetti and meatballs. Although he’s not a real Father, there a scores of fans that would be happy to call him “daddy”. Once he'd given us vicious soreness in our right bicep, Yuri moved on to play young Antonio Mezanotte in the evil monster in an Italian lake flick H.P. Lovecraft: Two Left Arms (2013), Prigionero in the Siant biopic Francesco (2014) and Giorgio De Rosa in the sci-fi thriller. Subject 0: Shattered Memories (2015). While we doubt he became an actual priest, we haven't seen Yuri onscreen since that movie. What a shame. Yuri Antonosante acts now, only in our dirty movie memories.