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4 Moons (2014)

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4 Moons (2014) is not another film in the Twilight saga, it’s an erotic drama that follows four gay men struggling with their individual responsibilities and sexualities. No vampires. In Sergio Tovar Velarde's sex filled drama, viewers meet four separate men whose lives never intersect. There's Joaquín (Alonso Echánove): a married poet that finds himself falling for a prostitute (Alejandro de la Madrid) while hanging out at a sauna; Fito and Leo (Cesar Ramos and Gustavo Egelhaaf), childhood friends that reconnect at college leading to a secret love affair; Andrés and Hugo (Alejandro de la Madrid and Antonio Velázquez), a couple that experience the bite of infidelity; and Mauricio (Gabriel Santoyo), a young kid dealing with his emerging feelings for his cousin Oliver (Sebastián Rivera). With all the characters and nudity, you’ll going to need a scorecard to keep track of everything. While most of the actors involved with the film live up to the title of the flick by flashing their fine behinds, Antonio Velázquez, Alejandro Belmonte, and Hugo Catalán go the extra mile by showing off their members in erotic-laced scenes. Hugo shows that he's huge when he ends up with Antonio in a giant orgy in a red tinted room. Mr. Belmonte does the full monte when he's in a steam room and decides to let some old man with money sneak a peek for a few Pesos. But its Cesar Ramos and Gustavo Egelhaaf who bring the best stuff, when we see them in bed stuffing each other in the fun kind of way. They should make a sequel where all our gay characters meet up and swap meat! After all, every time you watch it 4 Moons will have you over the moon with excitement!