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I Am Happiness on Earth

I Am Happiness on Earth (2014)

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The poetically titled, slow-paced drama I Am Happiness on Earth (2014) tells the tale of Emiliano (Hugo Catalán), a director of porn-infused dance movies that finds himself struggling with the awkward blending of his sexually charged reality and his loin-tingling cinematic endeavors. Emiliano is restless and uninterested in securing a serious relationship, and he soon becomes fixated on Octavio (Alan Ramírez), a sexy dancer that oozes sex appeal. But his attraction becomes static when he refuses to commit to Octavio. While dealing with life with out his dancing dude, the director takes up with Jazen (Emilio von Sternerfels), a hustler with a lot of muscle. Eventually the two hook up and share in tremendous sexual adventures.

This film-within-a-film sure turns up the heat, giving us a bounty of cock and balls and butt from the hunks Emilio von Sternerfels, Hugo Catalán, Gabino Rodríguez, Gerardo Del Razo, and Alan Ramírez. These dudes will fill you full of happiness!