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August (2011)

Great Nudity!

The romantic drama August (2011) follows the happy and contented couple Jonathan (Daniel Dugan) and Raul (Adrian Gonzalez), even though they live separate from one another. Raul married Jonathan’s best friend Nina (Hillary Banks) for immigration purposes, so they must maintain separate homes. Everything is fine as can be until Troy (Murray Bartlett), Jonathan’s ex, comes into town from Spain. Troy still has the hots for Johnny, and he brings a whole lot of sexual tension into the home. The action culminates on Jonathan’s thirtieth birthday when Troy, Jonathan and Raul hook up for a pot-laced, alcohol induced threesome. Sounds great, but these odd number romps have a tendency of being the death knell to relationships and friendships. Can the tryst-y trio survive the sex and achieve happiness? Tune in to find out! With all this talk of a three-way, there’s gotta be a lot of skin, right? Wrong. Murray Bartlett supplies a lot of his shirtless physique, Daniel Dugan is the real winner, especially when he shows off his butt, balls and dink while catching some Z’s. It would be amazing to wake up to these two dudes in the morning!

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