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Backtrack: Nazi Regression

Backtrack: Nazi Regression (2014)

Brief Nudity

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Twenty-six-year-old Ralph Lowe (Mark Drake) is an American dude that’s suffering from recurring nightmares in German. With the help of his psychic friend Claudia (Rosie Akerman), he goes through a past-life regression journey that fills his mind with memories that imply that Ralph was once a Nazi commando. In hopes of coming to terms with his alleged past, Ralph, Claudia, and a couple friends  (Miles Jovian and Sophie Barker) take a trip to the various locations he saw in his therapy. The horror of Backtrack: Nazi Regression (2014) kicks in when Ralph realizes that the past he’s trying to confront is now stalking him, and the sins of his past are looking to exact some revenge. Thankfully, some of that revenge occurs when Miles Jovian is hooking up with a chick in a tent, giving us a look at his cock and balls before things go south for him.