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Excess Flesh

Excess Flesh (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Excess Flesh pins two equally depressed roommates against each other, like many movies. Unlike many movies, it does so with a new spin: They're not entirely "roommates" at all—they're the same person, and one who is struggling with a personality disorder. Jennifer is a beautiful, thin model with a constant line of men to sleep with and parties to go to, though she's incredibly shallow and cruel. Jill, on the other hand, it homely and struggles with binge-eating, jealous of everything Jennifer has in her life. In an effort to bring them together, Jill locks up Jennifer in their apartment, violently interacting with her in an effort to completely unravel her. This psychological thriller is mostly about body image in Hollywood, but Jennifer's roundup of muscley men means we get to see Juan Reidinger shirtless and bare-bootied in a tabletop sex scene that's oddly being critiqued by an older woman. We can't really blame her—this is excess flesh we'd love to see!