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Barons (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Right around the time the Endless Summer (1965) was making waves in the states, a close-knit group of Aussie buddies were living that counter culture life in full force.  Surfing all day, living in their vans, and having about as much free love and fun as you'd expect from some beach bums.  A couple of these guys though realized that they could use some new bathing suits and wetsuits to keep with the times and the next thing you know, their lifelong friendship turns into a bitter rivalry as they start their businesses.  This story parallels the very real life rivalry of the brands that began on the beach in Torquay, Australia and have now become multi-billion dollar empires, Billabong and Quicksilver surf labels. Barons follows the fictionalized version of the men and women who made the clothes that still pack some of our closets to this very day.  Since it's based in Australia too, there is no shortage of hunky surfers gracing us with their bare buns, including Hunter Page-Lochard, Lincoln Younes, Ben O'Toole, and George Mason, all letting those cheeks get a little sandy for our viewing pleasure!